Wedding Planning Online

In my research, I have found  thousands of Wedding Websites, from: Free wedding Planners & Guides, Wedding Check list, Brides Clubs, to free binders in 3 colors.


There is a never ending supply of advice out there. But do they give you what you want?

I have a BIBLE  , “Weddings for Dummies” by Marcy Blum & Laura Fisher Kaiser. I have used it and I have had this for a lot of years. But know matter how many times I read it , I always find some thing new. It is like reading  “the Holy Bible”, when you need help and answers , who or what do you turn to ?

Now days everyone seems to have a computer, laptop, i-pod, Alexa Fire Tablets. The saying goes ” If you need to  find some thing Google it.” Now “Google ” is one of the largest research engines out there . If you do your research and a little home work you will find what you need.

” Now! “if you are a working girl, (as a lot of you are.) That is when you need a, go to person or an assistant to help look up : venues, churchs, caters, bakers and you get the drift.

But before you start with all of this, you better check  your  “PIGGY BANK ” to see if it ‘s full enough for you” Dreams”.

These are some things that you need , to check off your list:

1.) Get Engaged, than set the date for the big day.

2.) Let your parents know.

3.) Decide who is going to pay for the wedding (?).

4.) Set the budget.

5.) Start looking for what you want. ( But try to stay with in the budget).

6.) Make a budget for wiggle room. Keep it reasonable.

7.) Plan your Honeymoon.

There are Wedding sites out there, that will give you forms, to use to keep you on the straight an narrow, while you look around.

These are some of the forms for you:

a.) Time line, like when you should send out your invitations, and so forth.

b.) Who pays for what.

c.) What to look for in your : caters, video – photos, flowers, bakers. etc…

d.) How to make contracts so that you get what you pay for .  Never say yes with out one!  And make sure you get every thing you ask for.

e.) How to look for the Wedding attire.

You get the picture?

There is a lot of planning in a wedding, if you want the big fancy wedding , you are looking at ,at lest one year for planning.

But if you want to get married quick ! That is when you call in your favors. You need to pull in a party planner that can do things quick.

Or just go to the court house, than plan a Bar – B – Q or  a small party when you can, and send out a wedding announcement.

But yet it will not be(cheap?).

If you have a family like mine, every thing has to be cheap, They will say you don’t need that or you don’t want that especially when they are paying for it . But if you are paying for it get what you want, but make sure you, get it at a good price. Go online and compare prices. Watch for sales. Ask people you know that can help with your wedding, like who can make your cake, do your flowers, take photos, etc…

This is a way that they can be a part of the wedding too.

Keep your list and samples in a three ringed binder so you can go and let the venue know what you want.

I can’t say this enough “DO YOUR HOME WORK!”

So go look at what is out there and pick who you think will help you the most. And go for it.

Good hunting and God Bless.

Don’t forget to comment below, and give me some thing to do.  Give me a challenge !




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” I wish You Enough”

With all mt heart

This a story  that I read on face book awhile back.

About a Mother and Daughter at an air port saying good – by.

As they where saying good-by. Some one was listening and was wondering

why they kept saying ” I wish you enough.”

As the time came for the daughter to board the plane the mother said, ” I wish you  enough.”

Than the daughter said, ” I wish you enough much more.”

The mother went to the window to watch as the plane took off.

When the mother whipped her eyes. She knew that she may never see her again.

She has cancer, and her daughter went off to collage to study to find a cure .

As she was standing there some one asked her, ” I didn’t help but over hear you,

saying ,” I wish you enough,” I don’t want to intrude , but why where you saying it to each other ?”

The mother said , ” Oh, no it was alright.”

When we said ” I wish you enough.” We where wanting the other person to have a life time with enough good to sustain them.”

She told how her family from generations back would tell each other a poem or saying that: She

slowly tried to remember it all :

I wish you enough Sun to keep your attitude bright,

I wish you enough rain to appreciate the Sun more.

I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.

I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.

I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.

I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you posses.

I wish you enough hello’s to get you though the final good-bye.

Nurture relationships as they say :

It takes a minute to find a special person.

an hour to appreciate them.

A day to love them and than an entire life time to forget them.


Announcing Your Wedding

Tradition was that you “Alert !” The media. But now-a-days , newspapers have abandoned listing engagement announcements because they discovered that vendors deluged couples with solicitations. What’s more  engagements are often broken. The papers figure it’s better to run an announcement once the couple has crossed the finished line.

So that said: “On to the finished line!” To get your wedding announcement into the paper. ( Send six week in advance). Often they will ask you to fill out a form with all your information . Don’t for get  your release date on your form. Than they will ask if you would like to to place a photograph with your announcement . Enclose a glossy black-and -white or colored print that measures 2″x 3″  or larger. Either a portrait of the bride-to-be or the engaged couple together is suitable to submit now-a-days, using a formal ( not snap shot) head shot pose. Remember to attach identification to your photo and  sandwich it between two sheets of cardboard for safe handling in the mail.

If Plans Change ?

Due to employment, schooling,and personal reasons it may be necessary to advance, postpone or cancel the wedding, act quickly to notify those parties with whom arrangements have been made. Explanation are neither given or expected.

I hope this helps you and please give me a thumbs up if it did. Thank- You for stopping bye.

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Sharing The Costs

 Communication, cooperation, and realistic expectations are essential when you draw up your wedding budget.  The old rules are no longer hard and fast.

Traditionally, the bride’s family  undertook the cost of the wedding and the groom’s family was responsible for the rings and the honeymoon.

But now- a -days things  have changed. If the bride’s parents can not bear  the full cost of the wedding , the groom’s  parents may be willing to share a portion of the financial responsibility.  Then sometimes the bride and groom will even pay for their own wedding.

Early in the planning stage, it’s wise for both sets of parents to sit down with the engaged Couple to openly discuss expectations and financial constraints in order to forestall misunderstandings or resentment after arrangements have been made.

Below are some traditional guidelines for diving expense you may wish to think over:

The Bride and her Family:

a.) Wedding dress and accessories.

b.) Wedding invitations and stationary.

c.) Cost of ceremony :  rental fees, decorations and musicians .

d.) Cost of reception: caterers, hall rentals, musicians, flowers and decorations.

e.) Gifts for bride’s attendants

f.) Groom’s gift.

g.) Photography and videography of ceremony and reception.

h.) Groom’s riung.

i.) Transportation for bridal party.

j.) Fee for bridal consultant.

k.) wedding guest book.

They might also offer to pay for :

Accommodations for out-of-town guests ans attendants of bride.


The Groom and His Family:

a.) bride’s ring.

b.) Marriage license

c.) Rehearsal dinner.

d.) gifts for best man, groomsmen and ushers

e.) Formal wear rental.

f.)  Bride’s bouquet, corsages for mothers and grandmothers.

g.) Boutonnieres for groom’s attendants.

h.) gift for bride

i.) Fee for clergy-person j.) Honeymoon.

They might also offer to pay for :

Accommodations for out-of-town guests of the groom, groomsman and ushers.

Liquor at the reception.

Than I have seen where some friends and family will offer to help to set up tables and / or help with decorations. If someone in the family can make cakes , ask them if they would like to make yours.


So don’t be afraid to ask. All they can say is no.

I hope this was useful and don’t forget to send me your ideas, and I will try my best to help you .



































































































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About Myself


Welcome to my Web. site .

I am Hilda.

Just saying HI !  And I would like to tell you a little about what I do here. If you have a few minutes to spare! ☺

What I  do here is to try and give you a ” Champagne Wedding, ”  on a ” Beer Budget.”

With the way the economy is going today, it would make any ones ” Wallet cry for Mercy.”

I  enjoy helping make your dreams come true.  From  Announcing the Engagement, to the Honeymoon.

For example  :  a.) Your gown. make sure it is what “YOU” want.

But keep with in your budget.   And that is where I come in. If you try on a gown you really  love , but it’s to much

“money!” Send Me  a picture of it and the price line you want to keep it at and I will do my best to find your gown.

b.)  Caters, photographer,  Florist, I will help you find the cheapest ones.

So give me a challenge !  And let  your “Fairy  Godmother ” help you!

I hope this was helpful . Send me your ideas.



Organizing and Planning Your Wedding

Even though you’ve stocked up on all the most recent bridal publications you can find, it seems that they don’t really help you in organizing and planning your own wedding. Sure, there’s a multitude of pages gorgeous color photographs showing wedding gowns and rings along with lots of “how-to” articles on wedding planning, but all of that may just serve to confuse you even more. Before you panic, you need to realize that all you have to do is begin planning your wedding earlier rather than later.

First of all, create a way to file every detail in one place. This can be a binder with tabs for each category. These categories should include Catering, Bakery, Florist, Photography, Ceremony, Music, Reception, and Transportation. You can arrange these in order of importance or alphabetically, whichever is easiest for you. Another choice is an accordion file. With this, you can see all categories at a glance. Whatever system you decide upon, keep your receipts, brochures, pictures, business cards, and other important items in this same area. Read the rest of this entry »

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