In my research, I have found  thousands of Wedding Websites, from: Free wedding Planners & Guides, Wedding Check list, Brides Clubs, to free binders in 3 colors.


There is a never ending supply of advice out there. But do they give you what you want?

I have a BIBLE  , “Weddings for Dummies” by Marcy Blum & Laura Fisher Kaiser. I have used it and I have had this for a lot of years. But know matter how many times I read it , I always find some thing new. It is like reading  “the Holy Bible”, when you need help and answers , who or what do you turn to ?

Now days everyone seems to have a computer, laptop, i-pod, Alexa Fire Tablets. The saying goes ” If you need to  find some thing Google it.” Now “Google ” is one of the largest research engines out there . If you do your research and a little home work you will find what you need.

” Now! “if you are a working girl, (as a lot of you are.) That is when you need a, go to person or an assistant to help look up : venues, churchs, caters, bakers and you get the drift.

But before you start with all of this, you better check  your  “PIGGY BANK ” to see if it ‘s full enough for you” Dreams”.

These are some things that you need , to check off your list:

1.) Get Engaged, than set the date for the big day.

2.) Let your parents know.

3.) Decide who is going to pay for the wedding (?).

4.) Set the budget.

5.) Start looking for what you want. ( But try to stay with in the budget).

6.) Make a budget for wiggle room. Keep it reasonable.

7.) Plan your Honeymoon.

There are Wedding sites out there, that will give you forms, to use to keep you on the straight an narrow, while you look around.

These are some of the forms for you:

a.) Time line, like when you should send out your invitations, and so forth.

b.) Who pays for what.

c.) What to look for in your : caters, video – photos, flowers, bakers. etc…

d.) How to make contracts so that you get what you pay for .  Never say yes with out one!  And make sure you get every thing you ask for.

e.) How to look for the Wedding attire.

You get the picture?

There is a lot of planning in a wedding, if you want the big fancy wedding , you are looking at ,at lest one year for planning.

But if you want to get married quick ! That is when you call in your favors. You need to pull in a party planner that can do things quick.

Or just go to the court house, than plan a Bar – B – Q or  a small party when you can, and send out a wedding announcement.

But yet it will not be(cheap?).

If you have a family like mine, every thing has to be cheap, They will say you don’t need that or you don’t want that especially when they are paying for it . But if you are paying for it get what you want, but make sure you, get it at a good price. Go online and compare prices. Watch for sales. Ask people you know that can help with your wedding, like who can make your cake, do your flowers, take photos, etc…

This is a way that they can be a part of the wedding too.

Keep your list and samples in a three ringed binder so you can go and let the venue know what you want.

I can’t say this enough “DO YOUR HOME WORK!”

So go look at what is out there and pick who you think will help you the most. And go for it.

Good hunting and God Bless.

Don’t forget to comment below, and give me some thing to do.  Give me a challenge !




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