Tradition was that you “Alert !” The media. But now-a-days , newspapers have abandoned listing engagement announcements because they discovered that vendors deluged couples with solicitations. What’s more  engagements are often broken. The papers figure it’s better to run an announcement once the couple has crossed the finished line.

So that said: “On to the finished line!” To get your wedding announcement into the paper. ( Send six week in advance). Often they will ask you to fill out a form with all your information . Don’t for get  your release date on your form. Than they will ask if you would like to to place a photograph with your announcement . Enclose a glossy black-and -white or colored print that measures 2″x 3″  or larger. Either a portrait of the bride-to-be or the engaged couple together is suitable to submit now-a-days, using a formal ( not snap shot) head shot pose. Remember to attach identification to your photo and  sandwich it between two sheets of cardboard for safe handling in the mail.

If Plans Change ?

Due to employment, schooling,and personal reasons it may be necessary to advance, postpone or cancel the wedding, act quickly to notify those parties with whom arrangements have been made. Explanation are neither given or expected.

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